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Benoît Kalasa

Director of the UNFPA West and Central Africa Regional Office


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Sahel countries and partners commit to accelerate the demographic dividend in the region

The Sahel women’s empowerment project and demographic dividend, funded up to $200 million by the World Bank and planned to last 4 years will be implemented in Burkina Faso, Chad, Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Mauritania and Niger. Its objective is to improve economic opportunities for its main beneficiaries - women and young girls - and voluntarily reduce fertility.  

Even one family torn apart by war is too many

New York, United States- Around the world, conflict has forced a record number of people to flee their homes. More than 50 million people are currently displaced by war and violence, some 33.3 million in their own country and some 16.7 million as refugees, mostly in neighbouring countries. Last year alone, more than 10 million people were newly displaced; every 15 minutes, one family was forced into flight. more

UNFPA will enhance a coordinated response to CAR crisis and its impact on Central Africa countries

Dakar (Senegal):  “We need to enhance UNFPA’s humanitarian response in the Central African Republic (CAR) and the surrounding countries in a more coordinated manner and set up new approaches that foster a close collaboration among the countries represented, which are the main destinations of forced relocation for either refugees or returnees”, declared Mr Benoit Kalasa, the Regional Director for West and Central Africa. more
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The School of Husbands, Niger

 "The School of Husbands" project aims to get men actively involve in the promotion of reproductive health.

Fighting fistula in Chad
Changing family planning environment in Burkina Faso