Calendat of event

Calendat of event

25 November

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

1 December

World AIDS Day

10 December

Human Rights Day

Calendat of event

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Guinea-Bissau: A new Ambassador appointed for the fight against FGM

Singer Tchuma Bari of Guinea-Bissau has been appointed National Ambassador for the fight against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) during a gala organized on 15 November 2014. more

World’s 1.8 Billion Young Can Propel Socioeconomic Development, New UNFPA Report Shows

Developing countries with large youth populations could see their economies soar, provided they invest heavily in young people’s education and health and protect their rights, according to The State of World Population 2014, published today by UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund. more

In Liberia, contact tracing key to curtailing Ebola’s spread

Although there are signs the Ebola outbreak in Liberia is slowing, the fight against the disease remains an uphill battle. Underlying problems with the health system continue to impede public health responses, and rumours are discouraging people from seeking help. To extend the reach of health workers and calm fears about the outbreak, UNFPA is playing a key role in contact tracing and disease surveillance efforts. more

Partnerships: Sweden donates about 1 million USD to UNFPA in Liberia Ebola Response

UNFPA has received 1 million USD from Sweden which represents half of a total amount of 2 million USD in support of the United Nations joint appeal to respond to the Ebola crisis in Liberia. At a formal signing ceremony in Monrovia on 29 October 2014, the Head of Development Cooperation at the Embassy of Sweden in Liberia, Ms. Ewa Nunes Sorenson, said Sweden was proud to support the people of Liberia through the United Nations more

Pregnant in the shadow of Ebola: Deteriorating health systems endanger women

The Ebola crisis has left health systems reeling, increasing threats to pregnant women. Throughout the three most-affected countries – Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone – health facilities are gravely understaffed, and in many, health workers lack the personal protection equipment required to keep them safe from exposure. Many women are refusing to seek care from health centres, and some overwhelmed, undersupplied health facilities are turning away those who arrive. more
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The School of Husbands, Niger

 "The School of Husbands" project aims to get men actively involve in the promotion of reproductive health.

Fighting fistula in Chad
Changing family planning environment in Burkina Faso