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COVID-19 Situation Report No. 2 for UNFPA West and Central Africa

"The  UNFPA  response  in  the  region  aligns  with  the  UN  framework  for  the  immediate  socioeconomic  response  to COVID-19,  the  2030  Agenda,  the  2020  WHO  Global  Strategic  Preparedness  and  Response  Plan,  the  Inter-Agency Standing Committee Global Humanitarian Response Plan and the UNFPA COVID-19 Global Response Plan."
"UNFPA regional office is working to:

  • Promote  advocacy  and  policy  dialogue  focused  at  the  regional  level  on  the  development  of  appropriate strategies  regarding  access  to  reproductive  health  and  family  planning  services,  including  prevention  and response  to  GBV,  in  the  context  of  the  COVID-19  pandemic.  This  is  in  collaboration  with  regional  and sub-regional organisations, civil society organisations, international institutions and donors;
  • Strengthen the capacity of UNFPA Country Offices to build skills, systems and resources, as well as provide technical expertise adapted to COVID-19 context;
  • Facilitate  the  systematic  sharing  and  management  of  knowledge  on  good  practices  and  innovative solutions to improve UNFPA's response to the COVID-19, based on lessons learned;
  • Strengthen  regional  partnerships  and  coordination,  including  south-south  and  triangular  cooperation,  and inter-agency humanitarian coordination to respond to COVID-19 in the region; and
  • Monitor the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and the implementation of the interventions by country offices in the COVID-19 context, as well as provide technical, programmatic and operational support so that they can achieve expected results.