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One of the main objectives of the Sahel Women’s Empowerment & Demographic Dividend (SWEDD) project is to support the recipient countries to strengthen the performance of the countries RMNCHN supply chain, based on proven evidence in the region and abroad. In this line, the SWEDD Secretariat organized a workshop in Abidjan from 18 to 22 January to help develop country specific action plans. A three phases roadmap was endorsed by the six recipient countries and their partners World Bank, UNFPA, WAHO and The BMGF as follows :
- Technical assistance to countries by the pool of experts to finalize in country action plans
- Technical assistance to the countries to properly respond to the SWEDD request for proposal on the supply chain focusing on best practices around the “last mile”.
The main purpose is Consultancy is to provide technical assistance to SWEDD countries for the development of action plans on strengthening in country supply chain focusing on the “last mile”.