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Strengthening of Midwifery training institutions

The consultants will be working in the selected countries in close collaboration with the SWEDD Coordination Units, the UNFPA focal points for the component and the dedicated person of the Country Technical working group the work will be divided as follow.
1. Situational analysis
 Make a desk review of existing documentation related to the planning process:
o draft work plan,
o assessment reports of the midwives training institutions
 Make a situational analysis of the Human Resources for Health in link with midwifery in the SWEDD countries
 Use the results of the training institutions assessment to identify main problems and gaps in the sector
 Identify the principal areas of intervention in accordance with the SWEDD project Component 2.4 related to midwifery institutions and
2. Work plan development
 Design a project/work plan narrative including at least the following sections
o Project implementation context
o Project goals and objectives in relation with the overall goal and objective of the component 2.4 as described in the PAD
o Expected results
o The Project activities
o The Project key indicators
o The resources to be engaged in the project
o The project budget in the form of unit costs per activities or considered task
o A short monitoring
 Mission report available
 Final version of the country work plan available
 Budget and timeframe of the implement available