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The Fight Against Corona Virus: An Individual Responsibility

As a personal initiative, Mr. Faisal Bawa, a programme officer with the Gender Unit of the UNFPA office in Ghana, undertook a community outreach at the Ayi Mensah Police Station. The outreach involved a donation of hygiene items including bottles of liquid soap and hand sanitizer, tissue paper, nose masks, bags of water and a Veronica bucket.

Mr. Bawa donated these items to bring relief and support to the officers of the Ayi Mensah Police Station in the La Nkwantanang Madina municipality, and to enable them protect themselves as they serve the community in light of the current novel corona virus pandemic. The police station, which hosts several visitors every day, is also a place that houses detained criminal suspects, who also need to be able to protect themselves amidst the viral outbreak.

Superintendent Edward Tetteh, the District Commander, Chief Inspector Gabriel Hanyabui, the Station Officer and Sergeant Aaron Opoku, received the items on behalf of the station. They expressed gratitude for the donation, which they said will go a long way in supporting the station’s hygiene needs, especially those of the inmates.

Mr. Faisal Bawa said, as part of his schedule in UNFPA, he works closely with the Police on issues of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence and therefore knows the lifesaving roles of the Service in the daily lives of the society.  “This assertion coupled with my upbringing and religious beliefs is what motivated me to embarked on this outreach. No one must be left behind in the fight against COVID19, no matter their circumstance”, Mr. Bawa echoed.