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SWEDD Mauritania: 20 women beneficiaries of safe spaces, winners of the competition on the best projects of Income Generating Activities, funded and trained.

As part of the SWEDD project activities, which aim to improve women and girls living conditions and to reduce gender inequalities in Mauritania, a training workshop and an award ceremony will be held for the 20 winners of SWEDD's flagship products competition and the draw of the best 100 IGA projects presented by young girls and women who benefit from safe spaces.

For 2-days, intensive training led by specialized trainers in women's economic activities will be organized for the benefit of the laureates and their mentors. In parallel to this training, meetings of consultation and information will be held with the representatives of the Wallis, Ministry of Social Affairs, Childhood and Family - MASEF (central and regional level), the Deposit and Development Fund (CDD), to set up mechanisms for coordinating, implementing and monitoring the financed activities. On the third day, an official ceremony will be organized for the delivery of funding to the 20 selected women entrepreneurs and the draw for the 100 micro-enterprises that will be financed for the girls from the safe spaces benefiting from the activity. 

The laureates will strengthen their abilities in modern marketing techniques, financial management, and communication around their products. They will develop a participatory business plan for each project. The accompaniers will be trained to be able to supervise the 100 winning girls and young women who will be selected to receive funding for the creation of IGAs in the 14-targeted localities. This mentorship will create networking between these award-winning girls, who are mostly beginners and more experienced women from regional city capitals and working in the same areas of activity similar to their AGR project. The validation of the mechanisms for monitoring their activities and the establishment of a participatory monitoring plan will be the subject of workshops during the training.

The laureates will receive the appropriate funding to improve their product marketing and a draw will be made in full transparency for the best 100 IGA projects proposed by girls and women beneficiaries of safe spaces located in the 14 localities selected for the “MOUNTIJAT”( Productive women) marathon.

The activity is organized by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Childhood and Family supported by the SWEDD Project Coordination Unit and the Junior Chamber of Commerce in Mauritania.