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This year's report, "Understanding the Unseen: Taking Action to End the Neglected Problem of Unintended Pregnancy," highlights the urgent need to take action to prevent unintended pregnancies. Indeed, worldwide, it is estimated that half of all pregnancies, or 121 million, are not the result of a deliberate choice. 60% of these unwanted pregnancies end in abortion, of which approximately 45% occur in unsuitable conditions, increasing the risk of maternal death. It is estimated that 5-13% of maternal deaths occur as a result of abortion; this has a major impact on the ability of countries to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

While the issue of unintended pregnancy is recognized as a global problem, it remains more pronounced in developing countries where women's and girls' sexual and reproductive health rights are often violated. Thus, through this 2022 edition of the State of World Population, UNFPA highlights the need to uphold the universal right of couples to have the number of children they want. The report also presents solutions that are already within reach, while emphasizing the need for a holistic and integrated approach to the issue. A real and sustainable process depends largely on the elimination of gender inequalities and all forms of discrimination against women, as well as the transformation of the social and economic structures that sustain them.