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Strengthening Local Capacities across West and Central Africa

In this brochure, we share some of our recent experiences, for the consideration of others who wish to promote the ambitious integration framework of the Sustainable Development Goals and the aspirations of Agenda 2063 through broad-based multi-stakeholder partnerships to support country-led and country-owned initiatives across many sectors. By walking the talk, our actions have sought to address the pressing need for implementation capacity development and have strengthened local institutions to handle their own issues in their own way and to leverage their own local experts, leaders and communities. Pursuit of the demographic dividend is a powerful pathway to realizing the future we want for Africa.

One of the ways UNFPA is taking action to help accelerate planning and targeted investments leading to the demographic dividend is by working with the Centre for Economics and Applied Finance Research at the University of Thiés (CREFAT) to advance the National Transfer Accounts methodology across West and Central Africa. This is an analytical method that informs planning and policies by focusing on the influence of population growth and changing age structure on economic growth, gender and generational equity, public finances, and other important features of a country’s economy.