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12 March 2014

Africa urged to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights related goals

Yaoundé, Cameroon - Over 500 participants at the 6th AfricaConference on Sexual Health and Rights ended their meetings by calling on African governments to address sexual and reproductive health... Read more

11 March 2014

UN team set to investigate reports of rights violations in CAR

A three-person International Commission of Inquiry, established by the United Nations Security Council, is expected in the Central African Republic (CAR) on Tuesday 11th March and will begin... Read more

7 March 2014

Progress for women and girls is progress for all

As we commemorate International Women’s Day and celebrate the many achievements of women and girls, we should also remember that for far too many, the ability to live a healthy, productive life free... Read more

4 March 2014

UN assures Nigeria of continued multifaceted support on centenary

Abuja, Nigeria- The United Nations Under-Secretary General Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, who represented the UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-Moon at the country’s 100 years of unification celebrations... Read more

3 March 2014

Newlyweds sensitized on reproductive health at civil registries in Mali

Bamako, Mali - The UNFPA (United Nations Fund for Population) in Mali initiated an innovative approach in the promotion of reproductive health in a bid to reach a larger number of people in a country... Read more

18 February 2014

UN plans to reach millions with vital assistance, build resilience, save lives in the Sahel

Dakar, Senegal - The 2014-2016 Sahel Strategic Response Plan that the United Nations and its partners presented to the region seeks to mobilize US$2billion in 2014 alone, to aid over 15 million... Read more

12 February 2014
Press Release

Development is being derailed by ignoring equality, rights and women’s health-UN

UNITED NATIONS, New York, 12 February 2014 — A new report finds that growing inequalities will undo significant gains in health and longevity made over the past 20 years. To sustain these gains, the... Read more

6 February 2014

Human development can't be fully achieved as long as women and girls continue to suffer from FGM/C

Millions of girls around the world are still threatened by genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C), despite a century of efforts to put an end to it.   Human development cannot be fully achieved as long... Read more

21 January 2014

We need to give a human face to what we do, UNFPA executive director

Dakar (Senegal) - We should go beyond the matrix of results delivered. We need to be able to track how our investments bring dignity to women and girls and help young people develop their potential,... Read more

21 January 2014

Reversing youth unemployment curve in Africa

Unemployment is a major problem in Africa. According to the World Bank, youth represent 60% of all unemployed. Many people believe that this "time bomb" must be transformed into a development... Read more