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Annual Report 2015 - UNFPA West & Central Africa Regional Office

This annual report captures the actions and results of the UNFPA West and Central Africa Regional Office and the 23 Country Offices in the region. It clarifies how we work together to ensure every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled. Our mission is to build the foundations for change by enabling girls and mothers to make choices. We want them to be able to choose when to marry, choose when to give birth and choose how many children they want. We want to help them (and all young people, whatever their gender) to get the essential knowledge, training and skills they need for for a dignified life and be able to choose a rewarding job. And when they choose to have children, we want to help them do that safely too and for these children to thrive in a political climate which is empowering, open and honest and encourages equal opportunity for all.