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The spotlight initiative readiness paper which UNFPA WCARO has been working on is a Readiness assessment analysis to support regional integrated programmes in general and the Spotlight Initiative more specifically. It provides an analysis of our commitment and preparedness to support the optimal successful implementation of the Spotlight Initiative - a combined initiative to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls. 

Our efforts across the Spotlight countries and the region have focused on leveraging our joint programme implementation experience, technical knowledge, operational capacity and experience in laying a solid foundation for efficient and effective delivery of the Spotlight Initiative. I am confident in confirming that our teams are committed and prepared to implement this Initiative rapidly.

The readiness is built on years of experience leading and managing similar inter-agency initiatives and is grounded in a Global Theory of Change which places the emphasis on SRHR together with SGBV and HPs. We see the Spotlight Initiative as an opportunity to implement the ongoing UN Reforms to ensure coherence, harmonization and alignment between agencies to deliver together. 

This readiness paper is a living document and we welcome any observations and contributions.

UNFPA WCARO takes the Spotlight Initiative very seriously and considers it a topmost priority for the region. We are convinced of our readiness to take all the necessary actions to have the optimal outcome and impact foreseen for this initiative. We welcome the EU's support to this region, which is the most left behind of the world. We will proactively take the steps needed to ensure that we, the development actors, do not delay programme results but instead build new programmes using our vast experience from existing interventions for effectiveness, synergies, innovation and value for money. As we move forward, we will capture programming implications and promote lessons learned in the international development community of policy makers and practitioners.